Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's all the excitement about???

A couple of years ago I decided I needed to add a new tool to craft studio. The idea of a personal electronic cutter had me dreaming about all these cool projects in my head. I bought the tool, invited a bunch of my friends over to give it a test drive. We had a blast experimenting with it and before the day ended several friends had decided to get thier very own :) Sharing is so much fun ;)

I added a few new cartridges to expand it's capabilities and realized this new tool could be a huge expense beyond it's initial cost!!
But then I heard some really exciting news that with a simple software program SureCutsAlot I would now be able to cut ANY truetype dingbat font...OMG! Then I learned that with a free software program called Inkscape I could draw my own graphics to turn into files cuttable on my Cricut™!! Wow! Now that truely is I am exploring several software programs that truely explode paper art possibilities! Inkscape and SureCutsAlot can be used in conjunction with electronic die cutting machines like the Cricut™ to turn unlimited designs into die cuts for use in whatever media your heart desires. So-ooooo...

I've decided to set aside a bit of time daily to study tutorials, other blogsites and newsgroups about these programs. Here is a great tutorial I reviewed today. Thank you Dan for making this tutorial available!