Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's all the excitement about???

A couple of years ago I decided I needed to add a new tool to craft studio. The idea of a personal electronic cutter had me dreaming about all these cool projects in my head. I bought the tool, invited a bunch of my friends over to give it a test drive. We had a blast experimenting with it and before the day ended several friends had decided to get thier very own :) Sharing is so much fun ;)

I added a few new cartridges to expand it's capabilities and realized this new tool could be a huge expense beyond it's initial cost!!
But then I heard some really exciting news that with a simple software program SureCutsAlot I would now be able to cut ANY truetype dingbat font...OMG! Then I learned that with a free software program called Inkscape I could draw my own graphics to turn into files cuttable on my Cricut™!! Wow! Now that truely is I am exploring several software programs that truely explode paper art possibilities! Inkscape and SureCutsAlot can be used in conjunction with electronic die cutting machines like the Cricut™ to turn unlimited designs into die cuts for use in whatever media your heart desires. So-ooooo...

I've decided to set aside a bit of time daily to study tutorials, other blogsites and newsgroups about these programs. Here is a great tutorial I reviewed today. Thank you Dan for making this tutorial available!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Humor or What???

Ok so it sounds like this blog may be about comedy or wanting to share things that tickle my funnybone. I'm sorry if I led you on dear readers. I love a good laugh and perhaps I'll share a storyboard from Calvin and Hobbs or Baby Blues from time to time but really my passion (as I mentioned in my bio) is all about art, creating and crafting. I get giddy and excited when a new artist magazine is published. New craft tools have me on a researching binge and I have been known to lock myself in my house for days when I get a new craft tool. All that to explain the purpose of this blog... I found a new tool!!!! I confess... I have been on a researching binge now for about 3 months. I was stunned to find out I was behind the times. I was not the first to know about a fabulous idea in the art & craft industry. OK I'm over the shock now and on to learning all about the possibilities of this new to me creative item.