Thursday, March 19, 2009

Humor or What???

Ok so it sounds like this blog may be about comedy or wanting to share things that tickle my funnybone. I'm sorry if I led you on dear readers. I love a good laugh and perhaps I'll share a storyboard from Calvin and Hobbs or Baby Blues from time to time but really my passion (as I mentioned in my bio) is all about art, creating and crafting. I get giddy and excited when a new artist magazine is published. New craft tools have me on a researching binge and I have been known to lock myself in my house for days when I get a new craft tool. All that to explain the purpose of this blog... I found a new tool!!!! I confess... I have been on a researching binge now for about 3 months. I was stunned to find out I was behind the times. I was not the first to know about a fabulous idea in the art & craft industry. OK I'm over the shock now and on to learning all about the possibilities of this new to me creative item.